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The media hub. In Greater Manchester

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More About Us

Zoetrope is the new name in media. With an Independent film studio based in Bolton it is your one stop for all things media you will ever need.



With the award winning Elerby Studios incorporated within the space, Zoetrope is every thing under one roof.


With its self styled 40 seat Cinema in house, to rent-able spaces over our 4 rooms. to self tapes, Showreels on demand service, Media nights, Film Nights of classic films, Film Festivals, Online live channels, Editing suite, Audio recording, Networking... the list is endless.


A place for all media.


If you are and love Film. 

We know you will love Zoetrope.


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Workshop news

Grindhouse Part 2 

May 2019

New workshop news - for showreels! A brand new course

May 2019

The second coming of Grindhouse film festival arrives this month

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Nelson Mill, Gaskell St, Bolton BL1 2QE, UK

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