About Zeotrope

What is a Zoetrope?

A zoetrope is one of several pre-film animation devices that produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion.


Introducing Zoetrope

Pursue Your Dreams

Zoetrope - the one stop shop for media - all in house

With Elerby Studios, the award winning film company on site, Zoetrope can offer a wealth of  services. You can find more about Elerby here www.elerbystudios.co.uk

Hire a space

4 extra large rooms are available for meetings, Rehearsals, webcasts..anything you require. Our rooms can ready for you when you arrive at Zoetrope and can be suited to your requirements. Drinks and food can be provided. Also you can access super fast internet. 

Hire the cinema

Our superb 40 seat Cinema with superb picture and sound is great for the red carpet for your new film. Also we hold our own events at Zoetrope. Keep your eye on the events page for exciting things happening.


Elerby studios have been providing showreels to the industry for many years and have been working with 100s of actors. Providing Industry standard reels that have added actors to get their foot in the door with auditions.  Our Actors have appeared in many TV and films over the years including Coronation St, Emmerdale and Peaky Blinders. We can either film a bespoked reel to your requirements or indeed edit TV and film footage from any media. More information is available at www.elerbystudios.co.uk

Showreel workshops

Our new showreel 2 day workshops held in our cinema is perfect for actors starting out. We show you our knowledge of showreels, what works and doesn't and work with a small group of actors working together to gain the best reel and get noticed.

Self tapes

When a casting requires a self tape, we can film, edit and send the tape off for you. A self tape doesnt require spit and polish but it must be in a watchable format. We can also offer direction and technical help to take the burden off with submitting. 


Why not rent our Cinema for your film ?You also gave access to the foyer for whatever requirements you need. The Foyer can also show your trailers on our screens and our cinema lightboards can give your event that extra mile - Show your film the best way!


Fancy starting a webcast? At Zoetrope we can provide a two camera setup with superb sound so you look the part for whatever you wish to broadcast and stand out.


Zoetrope can make your castings for your clients stand out. Branding for you can be sent to our many screens around the foyer and castings can be held in our cinema. We have a waiting area and space for whatever you require. We can film your castings and these can be played back in the cinema for evaluation. 


why hold a rehearsal in a pub or small room?  Our rooms are available for rehearsals of all sizes and can be changed for whatever requirement you need. Also our rooms are extra quiet. Filming can also be available if needed.


Need a great space for your meetings? We have the foyer, Cinema or smaller rooms for your requirements.

Film, film and film

Need any film requirements? Go see www.elerbystudios.co.uk

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